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Power Your Drive

Is Your Facility Prepared for an Influx of Plug-in Electric Vehicles? The San Diego region is about 10 percent of the state. If Governor Brown’s goal is reached of 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roads by 2025, our region could see 150,000 on our streets. It’s not a question of “if” I will be […]

Car Talk: Today’s EV Choices

Everyday more and more people in the greater San Diego region are excited about electric vehicles (EVs) and their positive impact on local air quality. With almost 40% of our state’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, we are seeing a larger discussion around how we can reduce air impacts and keep the planet sustainable […]

2014 Earth Day

IEA Celebrated it’s 10th Annual Earth Day Fair with Supervisor Greg Cox and I Love a Clean San Diego earlier this April. The event included 16 booths, comprised of County Departments, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations, set-up in the Courtyard of the County Operations Center. The theme of the day was “Teaching the 5 R’s: […]

Priority Products List Coming Soon…

…no later than April 1, to be exact, and maybe as early as DTSC’s March 17 public hearing. To review: DTSC published its list of “candidate chemicals” in September 2013. This is the working list from which DTSC will develop its list of priority products, i.e., products containing these chemicals which pose health risks to […]

Barrio Logan Community Plan Update May Threaten San Diego Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Businesses

Yesterday, Craig Anderson and I participated in a meeting at Continental Maritime to plan a response to the City of San Diego’s nearly-complete update of the Barrio Logan Community Plan. The Plan is headed to Council and Planning Commission later this month. Also attending the meeting were San Diego Port Tenants Association, Barrio Logan Smart […]