City Council makes decision on Barrio Logan Community Plan Update

City Council Approves Barrio Logan Community Plan Update 5-4
Yesterday, IEA joined 200 shipyard workers and maritime employees encouraging the San Diego City Council to oppose the community plan update for Barrio Logan. It was a massive turnout of support (200 yellow t-shirts) for the shipyards and maritime support businesses, all of which will be adversely affected by the Plan. Together, both sides turned out nearly 160 speakers that provided testimony for three and a half hours. In the end, Council was not swayed by the arguments of ship yard workers, many of whom live in Barrio Logan. Deferring to Councilmember David Alvarez who represents the District, the Council decided to support Alvarez’s scenario 1 on a party line vote of 5-4.

We scored a partial victory when Alvarez modified his proposal to include the elimination of 179 residential units from the transition zone area that were in close proximity to the shipyards and industrial area. This was a significant concession.

The shipyards have previously committed to funding a signature gathering campaign for a referendum on this decision, and will decide in the next few days whether to move forward with that effort.