Priority Products List Coming Soon…

…no later than April 1, to be exact, and maybe as early as DTSC’s March 17 public hearing.

To review: DTSC published its list of “candidate chemicals” in September 2013. This is the working list from which DTSC will develop its list of priority products, i.e., products containing these chemicals which pose health risks to Californians based upon hazard rate and potential exposure. This candidate chemicals list can be accessed on the DTSC website.

The first list of priority products, containing those chemicals on the candidate chemicals list, will be published in draft form later this month. DTSC has promised there will be no more than five in this first round.

Once the list of priority products has been revealed, DTSC will seek feedback from industry and others in a number of workshops beginning in May. This will be the opportunity for industry to discuss and comment on the products listed. The list is intended to be finalized by the end-of-the-year publication of distinct regulations for each product.

As soon as the priority products list is published, IEA will distribute the information and will be seeking member feedback.